Suicide count: Men beat women in Bangalore   1 comment

7,780 men have killed themselves in the past five years as against 4,384 women,say police statistics

Pranay Kumar,20,a native of  Bihar,committed suicide by hanging in his room in a college hostel in the city last month.Kumar was an engineering student and his friends alleged that he took the extreme step owing to academic pressure.
Aditya Nadig,21,a budding singer,ended his life after his parents disapproved of his participation in a reality show.His parents had advised him to study well and pursue his passion later on,but Nadig disagreed and chose to kill himself.
The Capital of cool is how Lonely Planet,the premier travel magazine,describes the city,but Bangalore has a dark underbelly to it and it shows up starkly in statistics pertaining to suicide deaths.
Statistics released by the city police reveal that in the last five years,7,780 men and 4,384 women took their own lives.The more number of males resorting to suicide is in keeping with a worldwide trend.
Dr Roshan Jain,consultant psychiatrist,Apollo Hospital,said,Suicide data worldwide shows that men are at a higher risk of suicide than women.In our society there is extra pressure to perform.Men are traditionally the bread-winners of the family so there is a lot of pressure on them since they have to provide financial security for the family.Men are also more vulnerable to emotional disorders since they are not supposed to talk about their emotions.Men cant be seen as weak.They are also less likely to consult a psychiatrist for their problems so there is an enormous build-up of stress.
However,Dr B N Gangadhar,professor of psychiatry,NIMHANS,believes that both men and women face equal pressure,although the nature of the pressure might be different.

If men face pressure to perform,women also face pressure such as dowry, Gangadhar said.But men are more likely to adopt more violent methods of ending their lives and more often their attempts are more successful than women.Men are more likely to succeed in anything which involves aggressive activity.Men are more likely to use violent means such as hanging or using a weapon,while women will resort to overdosing on tablets or poisoning.Although the intention is the same,men succeed more often. The reasons for the increasing number of suicides in the city is the large number immigrant population and rampant urbanization,reveals Jain.People live very isolated lives away from families leading to depression.They work in stressful work environments and have very little time for meaningful relationships or meaningful activities, he said.Family problems,business loss,physiological problems are among prominent reasons for people taking the extreme step.
While hanging and poisoning are the most common methods,women resorting to suicide are also likely to set themselves ablaze.This year alone,159 men and 67 women have committed suicide by consuming poison,while,in the last five years,1152 women as against 693 men have taken their lives by burning themselves.
Jain suggests that the ones who resort to less violent means could be dissuaded from taking the dastardly step.When people resort to hanging there is clear intention of ending their lives, Jain said.Women resort to self harm such as cutting themselves which is more a way of communicating or seeking attention.When someone resorts to hanging there is clear planned intention.Resorting to poison in a suicide attempt reflects not a very serious intention.


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