Life is one big surprise   3 comments

Today, I notice something on my window ledge that makes me smile and shake my head in wonder. An unknown, unidentifiable plant, stranger to my flower pots, child of a vagrant seed, has sprouted a few coy, creamy flowers – and a teeny little orange fruit.

While I wonder what plant it is, I realise that this plant has grown in a pot that housed another legitimate inhabitant. While the latter has shown practically no progress for months, this little plant, growing from a seed brought by the wind or a wandering pigeon, perhaps, has shot up into a beauty in a matter of weeks.

Had I gone with pure logic and cliched norms, I would have viewed it as a weed – an intruder – and plucked it out long ago but then, the joy that I receive today would never have happened. I might have persisted in “connecting with” only the official resident plant, being completely unaware of the potential for a joyous discovery that beckoned from other quarters. So, this becomes an instance of delight received when one refuses to follow the usual rules of gardening.

Not without reason
And so it is with our lives. We use our logic and mental conditioning to divide acts and habits into “ought to” and “not ought to” categories, sometimes forgetting that gifts may arrive in unexpected guises. A sudden change of jobs may lead to moving to a new city, which, in turn may bring in new windows of opportunities.

An illness may persuade a person to devote time to a hitherto neglected hobby and that hobby slowly develops into a magnificent obsession, bringing richness into everyday life. Or, a business proposition in an unexpected arena may initially seem to call more effort than the rewards would be worth, but may magically shape the next few years, allowing for greater creativity, self-expression and sharing of value.

And wouldn’t it be a shame if we fail to recognise a gift simply because it arrives into our lives in an unfamiliar garb and does not conform to our expectations?

People, places, work and objects – they all have this infinite, ever-so-slightly maddening potential to touch our lives with a moment of brilliance and sometimes, change the course of our lives forever; provided we allow them to do so. Doing so would mean pushing ourselves out of the “comfort zone”, crossing the borders into uncertainty, maybe even anxiety. Remembering that this is a temporary phase, allows us to keep our equanimity.

You may wonder whether this means we simply accept all that comes our way as a gift. The obvious fallout of such an easy-lazy approach would be a superficial acceptance of the dross with the gold. Perhaps, our hearts will lead us along the right way, telling us when it’s okay to go with an unexpected turn of life and when we need to be cautious and go back to the staid, pre-decided path.


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  1. gulrotkake langpanne Hrm, Not the best post unfortunately. Sorry to be so blunt! You should try some Norwegian carrot cake ( gulrotkake langpanne ) to cheer you up instead.

  2. I dugg some of you post as I thought they were invaluable invaluable

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