How Would You Like to Die on Doomsday?   2 comments

If the world is really coming to an end on 21-12-2012, then holy cow we’ve got only one year of existence! While it’s definitely exciting to choose how you want to live the next 364 days, wouldn’t it be great to choose how you’d die on doomsday too? By an alien or a vampire, through a hurricane or a volcano… what would be the coolest way to die?

Terminator: So a cyborg (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is sent from the future to kill Sarah Conner thus preventing humans from having a future – phew! The human race is about to be destroyed by the machines.

Cool way to die: Do you think it would be fun fighting for your life with a machine that can shift shapes? Imagine you can die as a martyr trying to prevent terminators from launching their assault on mankind!

Daybreakers: Vampires have taken over the world and they have turned most of the planet’s human population into bloodsucking zombies. They’re hungry for more and they are coming for you.

Cool way to die: Not every vampire is as handsome as Edward Cullen (Twilight), but how cool would it be to be neck kissed by one? Besides it would be a thrill to see yourself mutate; it would give you the power to ‘ blood-suck’ the life out of everyone who annoyed you! Vampocalypse, anyone?

Deep Impact: A seven-mile-wide comet is about to collide with Earth and cause mass extinction.

Cool way to die: So dying because of a godforsaken comet is no fun. But what could be exciting is you could be a part of a team that gets to deflect the object by setting off nuclear weapons right inside the comet itself! And even if you’re on the team you would get to see a supersonic megatsunami just before you die. Impressed?!

Independence Day: Aliens’ ships are hovering above Earth ready to attack.

Cool way to die: Those ugly extra terrestrials are planning to end our civilization, ballsy uh? While you would rather commit suicide before them unsightly creatures can even touch you, wouldn’t it be cool to kill a few of them with awesome machine guns and missiles like you do on your PSP? You can also get a partner so you can die having fun killing aliens.

2012: A colossal solar flare is causing the temperature of the Earth’s core to increase; it will trigger a catastrophic chain of natural disasters.

Cool way to die: Massive earthquakes, heavy floods, super tsunamis and volcanic fireballs… wouldn’t you want to see all of that before you die? Besides if you survive, you could actually witness the re-writing of the world map!

The Day After Tomorrow: Global warming is on a fast-track and violent storms are battering the earth. The storms, rain and snow, are going to welcome a new Ice Age!

Cool way to die: Fighting tornadoes and biting cold weather, at least some of you would be game for that?!


Posted December 28, 2011 by avinash2060 in Myth and Fiction

2 responses to “How Would You Like to Die on Doomsday?

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  1. Wohh precisely what I was looking for, thanks for putting up.

  2. You are my inspiration , I own few blogs and occasionally run out from to post : (.

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