Employees ‘badvocate’ their employers   1 comment

A new survey has revealed that a majority of employees in Australia aren’t satisfied with their companies, and so wouldn’t recommend their employer to anyone else.

The survey of 7000 Australians conducted by Insync Surveys and gift voucher business Red Balloon found only a third of employees were prepared to vouch for their employer, thereby classifying the rest as ‘badvocates’.

“In almost all cases, customers are more likely to be advocates than employees, and this is a major challenge and missed opportunity,” the Age quoted James Garriock, chief executive of Insync Surveys, as saying.

He added that badvocates are seeking three things: Greater levels of communication, more rewards and recognition and better leadership from the boss.

The survey released this week showed that badvocates most commonly work in hospitality, state government, and with FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods).

But they’re least likely to be working in construction and communication, which were the two industries with the highest rate of ‘promoters,’ those who talk proudly and enthusiastically about their place of work.

Employees 'badvocate' their employers
Two-thirds of employees ‘badvocate’ their employers

Posted December 31, 2011 by avinash2060 in Work Place

One response to “Employees ‘badvocate’ their employers

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  1. I always was interested in this subject and still am, regards for posting.

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