Do you have bipolar disorder?   2 comments

Do you have bipolar disorder?

Bipolar disorders are the main cause behind mood swings. These mood swings range from mild to severe and might cause damage to interpersonal relationships. Here’s a checklist of moods that you might experience if you happen to have bipolar disorder:

Mania- In this phase those suffering from BD experience heightened sense of euphoria. Their energy levels are high and they engage in rapid speech. They have a very high opinion of themselves. This may sound nice but people with mania can soon lose their grip on themselves

Hypomania- People with hypomania show similar but less severe symptoms of mania. Though hypomania doesn’t interfere with day-to-day lifes, it can make those suffering from it take bad decisions.

Depression: This kind of depression is different from normal depressive syndrome. People with BD depression experience severe irritability, feelings of guilt, worthlessness and a complete loss of energy.

Mixed symptoms: People with this kind of BD suffer from perhaps the most dangerous kinds of mood swings. This may even drive them to suicide.

Causes of bipolar disorder:
You may want to check if these triggers could possible be behid the cause of the BD that you may be suffering from:

– Changes in sleep patterns
– Erratic schedules
– Changes in energy level
– The addition of various medications
– Seasonal changes
– Changes in sex drive
– Changes in drug, caffeine, or alcohol use
– Changes in self-esteem
– Changes in concentration
– Stopping medications for Bipolar Disorder or changing your Bipolar Disorder treatment schedule

One of the best ways to track your BD is to keep a diary and note down when you are going through your mood swings. It will be easier for your doctor to treat you if he sees a kind of a pattern emerging from your records. It will also be easier to determine the cause of the disorder and prescribe proper medicines.


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