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Women with all the money
When you think of women shopping, you see images of them haggling with the shopkeeper or standing meek on the other side of the counter.

Be it with the vendors at Sarojini Nagar or a salesperson at some high-end shopping mall, bargaining to save every penny is a trait that has been closely associated with women. But not anymore! According to a recent survey, the average income of urban women has doubled in the last 10 years. With this sort of financial independence and increase in spending power, there is a considerable change in the aforementioned stereotypical image of women and their shopping habits.

For a 53-year-old entrepreneur, Rozita Kapoor, having more money at hand has improved her lifestyle manifold. “Earlier I never used to throw away clothes till they were absolutely worn out, but now, with more money coming in, I sometimes simply discard clothes just because that particular style has gone out of fashion. My style of socialising has changed.

Earlier I used to entertain my friends at home but now, with the pub culture coming in and with more money at hand, I usually take people out to some place nice and we visit the malls pretty often.”

51-year-old Poonam Manaktala works at an editing studio and has shifted from procuring just the bare necessities to buying more luxury items. “In the past, I always looked to purchase the essentials and spend on things where I would get value for my money. I would research and try to get the best deal possible for everything I bought. But things are different when you earn more and have more disposable income. Shopping for me is no more just about paying for the bare necessities. I shop for various luxury items and go in for more branded clothes and accessories now as compared to earlier.”

Some 10 years ago, Poonam Bevli Sahi (painter and graphic designer, aged 50 years) was very cautious of overspending and did all she could to save for her family. But now, cash liquidity has made her a more “fun person”. Says Poonam, “The main difference in my lifestyle now is that I go out way more often. With more free flowing cash, I make sure I do the stuff I really want. For example, various stress-busting activities – I go for spa treatments very often and pamper myself in every which way. I would say I am a much more fun person, and way more indulgent as opposed to earlier when I earned much lesser money.”

Nishtha Arora* is a 28-year-old lawyer and more available funds have made her a ‘flamboyant shopper’. “The basic change in my shopping traits is that earlier, I used to wait for the sales to be able to afford something of my choice. I would hope and pray that that particular dress or accessory wouldn’t get sold out during sale season. But now, I don’t have to hold back as such – if I like something, I instantly pick it up. I’m very fond of jewellery and even though silver and gold rates are skyrocketing, I still splurge on some of the most beautiful earrings and neck pieces. I also spend a lot more on beauty treatments now. I pamper myself with fancy manicures and pedicures, facial and hair treatments and massages.”

One of the proud moments in lawyer, Sakshi Chopra’s life was when she bought a car with her own earnings. Now that she earns more than before, she is glad she doesn’t have to ask her father for money every now and then. “I stay with my parents, therefore I don’t have to take care of the rent or the food. Mostly I indulge in shopping and eating out. What I’m most glad about is that I don’t have to ration my needs because I am shy of asking dad! I recently bought a car and I paid the token amount myself, I pay for fuel and extra accessories,” she says.

Top 5 things women spend money on:
– Branded clothes
– Fashion accessories
– Beauty treatment and spas
– Eating and drinking out
– Gold/Silver jewellery


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  1. I think you have noted some very interesting points , appreciate it for the post.

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