Be firm with constant cribbers   Leave a comment

Be firm with constant cribbers
Be firm with constant cribbers

Being with chronic complainers can be emotionally exhausting. So, learn to deal with them smartly

There are some people who are chronic complainers. It’s not easy for them to see a positive side to things. Being with them can be emotional drainers too. How does one deal with them?

You need not waste energy on them. Empathize briefly with the issue and move on. All that they want is to have somebody to listen to their complaints. Listen to the complainer without choosing sides.

Ask sharp questions. There are many times they just refuse to think logically. So asking questions can make them think even if it’s for brief while. Allow the complainer to come up with the solution himself.

Tell them politely that you can only listen to him/her for a certain period of time because you are also busy. Be firm and move on to other things. Being with constant cribbers can be very emotionally draining. Thus, it’s better to utilise your creative energy on things that matter to you.



Posted January 6, 2012 by avinash2060 in Relationships

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