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You might have attained success in your life at some point of time. But is your career a part of it? It is a point to think upon. To become successful in life, you must have some good qualities in you and it can be helpful for your career success if you make good use of it.  Good habits will always pay you success and appreciation; for example when you submit your assigned work on time, you would be definitely rewarded and appreciated by your seniors at work. If you can manage the same good quality at the work place, you can also achieve higher success in your profession.

To have a better understanding on how to be successful in professional life, there is a book written by Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, David Maxfield, Ron McMillan and Al Switzler called “Change Anything” from New York Times bestseller, which helps you to overcome the self-destructive patterns which ruin your career. The authors of this book had conducted a research and found that most of the workers had the habit of limiting their career and they were not interested in changing this habit in order to find greater professional success.

They have also mentioned some of the ways which helps you to change yourself in your lifetime and it can also be helpful in utilizing in your career. So, here are some of the good habits which you can change in your life which can also be helpful for your future:

Be the Scientist and the Subject:

The change plan which will work for you is unique. So, make sure the positive change happens in your life, and to make that happen, try to be the scientist to make that change happen in your life and also you are the only subject who can test the change on yourself. If you change your mind set in positive always, you can turn even the bad day into a good day if. You can also be progressively smarter at influencing yourself until you evolve a plan that works perfectly for you.

Start loving what you hate:

If you want a positive change in your life, start loving what you hate as it can help you succeed at changing and helps you stay changed. According to the authors, to make this change happen, learn to disarm your impulses and make the right choices pleasurable. They also told that the only way where you can sustain change is to change what brings you pleasure. But, now you may think how to change what you like? The answer is, yes, you have to change yourself to have a good future and you must be ready to sacrifice your likes if it is required at the process of changing.

Do what you think you can’t:

You can always blame your character, if you find it difficult to change yourself in a positive way. But the fact is that there is nothing to do with your character because you lack the skills which the change actually requires. The authors are of the opinion that you are blind to the crucial role skills, which plays an important role in creating and sustaining change. And the main problem is not that you are weak, it’s actually ignorant to change yourself in a good way.

Make sure you control your space:

In the society you are bounded with many people controlling you and because of that you may even feel suffocated, as you cannot think and act the way you want. So, if you want to take control of your life, firstly you have take control of your surroundings. The authors of this book suggest you to learn to use that space which you have controlled to make your environment powerful and stable.

Escape the willpower trap:

Many of you find it difficult to change rarely because you lack the willpower. The authors say it is because they are blind and outnumbered. There can be more invisible sources which can work against you which you don’t know, than visible sources acting in favor of you. According to the writers, people can make more everlasting change when they can utilize their sources which are in favor of them.

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