What do Professionals Prefer, Job Security or Job Opportunity?   Leave a comment

In this tough competitive world, most of the professionals find it very difficult to make a choice between job security and job opportunity. As a professional what do you prefer for your job satisfaction? It’s a point to think about when you are very serious regarding your professional life.

According to a recent survey, most of the people have chosen job security as their major concern because of the fear of recession. This is a main reason to choose job security. Many people have lost their jobs during the recession period. At this situation, where most are satisfied with their jobs in large number, there are people who are happy with their career development opportunity.

But when it comes to job satisfaction, job security tops the list in job market. For this reason many of the employees are sacrificing the idea of their advancement in their career just to maintain the job stability.

The survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management found that about 83 percent of the employees are happy with their jobs, but less people are happy with their opportunities for their career development and innovation. Many people were of the opinion that they were happy with their level of job security, reports Kate D’Amico.

At the present situation, we can find very less people who are dedicated to one particular organization for long time. Job hopping has also grown up to a large extent particularly in the youngsters.  Those categories of people are not focused on accomplishing the work goals and not focused on the assigned projects. Some employees quit their job if they are not provided a good platform to explore their talent and skills.

In spite of all these, job security hold an upper hand, because, in a developing country like India most of the people are unemployed even though they are highly skilled and hold a degree on any demanded field. So at the present situation, for getting a good job we must be very lucky. Because of this reason many don’t want to take a chance by quitting their job just to search for another better job.

According to a survey conducted by biennial survey by the professional service firm Tower Watson, around 86 percent of surveyed employees chose a secure and stable position more than substantially higher level of compensation, reports the Economic Times.

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