Top B- Schools in the Capital are yet to press the panic button. Instead they are placing faith in the country’s growing economy to ride out recessionary fears for the latest batch of graduates

The fears of a double dip recession have yet again put the spotlight back on B- Schools. As the latest batch of graduates get ready to enter the job market, management schools in Delhi NCR have scaled down their expectation to realistic levels. They are no longer expecting any fancy pay -cheques for their students from recruiters.

Yet the overall sentiment is far from negative, what with some of the schools already finding placement for their students and effectively bucking the downtrend.

We are doing well despite recessionary fears,” said Jitendra K. Das, director, FORE School of Management, Qutab Institutional Area.

Nearly 65 per cent of our students have already got jobs in various national and multinational companies,” he said. The placements, which began at the school as early November last year has seen companies offering salaries up to 31 lakh per annum.

At IMS, Ghaziabad, the average salary campus “ The country recession,” director.

professor Placements, Institute, says “ exorbitant students “ There company is certainly number expected recruitment,” Optimism Institute ( JIMS), management companies during the “ I salary offered to students during campus placements was ` 6 lakh.

The recruitment process in the country is yet to be impacted by recession,” said Akhilesh Kumar, director. Kanwal Kapil, associate professor and chairman, Placements, Management Development Institute, Gurgaon, is direct when he says that he does not expect any exorbitant remuneration” for his students this year.

There may be less hiring per company this year,” he said. “ But it certainly not going to impact the number of companies that are expected visit our campus for recruitment,” said Kapil.

Optimism runs high at the Jagan Institute of Management Studies JIMS), Rohini, too, where the management expects more than 125 companies to visit the campus during the current academic year.

think the recessionary fears are exaggerated,” said J. K. Goyal, director, JIMS. “ The downturn will take place in some sectors with strong links to Europe and the US. But the employment opportunities available to our students remain by and large unaffected,” he said. Nevertheless, management schools are increasingly relying on the country’s domestic growth as an effective buffer against global recession.

“ Our growing economy provides tremendous scope for multinationals in managing their costs and strategic goals,” said Kapil of MDI. A view also shared by Prasoon Majumdar, dean of academics, Indian Institute of Planning and Management. “ The demand for management grads would keep growing as the country grows,” he said. To allay any apprehension on the part of the students, management schools are also offering what is termed as ‘ pre- placement talks’ as a confidence booster to students.

“ Flux in business is integral to market economies,” said Goyal, adding, “ A professional career is not a shortterm goal. Students should view education as an investment in human capital.” The best way to stave off recession is to offer industry and market relevant programmes. “ Innovative academic programmes are always helpful in increasing the employability of students at all stages of the business cycle,” explained Goyal.

JIMS prides in continuously upgrading its syllabi and redesigning its teaching methodology in collaboration with the industry.

Ditto MDI, Gurgaon, and other top ranking business schools in Delhi NCR, where the ongoing interaction with the who’s who from the industry is a regular feature. It also the best way forward for B- Schools in these uncertain times.


Posted January 11, 2012 by avinash2060 in Economy

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