The Developers’ Wish List for HTML5   3 comments

 HTML5 is turning to be the hottest sensation in the web space by allowing developers to create ‘applications without limitations’, for multiple platforms.

With the success of web-HTML5 based version of the popular iPhone/Android game, ‘cut the rope’ and a lot others waiting in the pipeline, the developers who work on HTML platform expect many improvements in HTML5 to make 2012 a fruitful year.

Leading HTML development studios including Sencha and appMobi had recently come up with a list of things they expect from HTML5.

Sencha expects HTML5 to bring more media implementations which will help in more device access without the use of native wrappers to applications. This will help to overcome the limitations of mobile browsers like inability to access camera.

The audio quality needs to get improved a lot since it is hard using current HTML to implement interactive audio and layered sounds in applications especially games.

A better in offline caching is the next thing which helps the mobile users with uninterrupted work. Currently Mozilla and Amazon are top in providing offline caching support.

Web Intents, a framework for supporting web based inter application communication platform communication is expected to be standardized and widely supported in HTML5

A wide support of HTML5 to Web based Graphics Library (WebGL), which increase the capability of JavaScript for creating interactive 3D graphics with any compatible web browser is expected.

Indexed DataBase API, which is said to be the future of offline storage for cross platform browsers, is expected to be standardized with HTML5.

The incorporation of CSS4 image standard to HTML, which will help in getting right sized images for mobile devices.

HTML’s more focus to Contacts API, which will improve the data portability.

Better ability to HTML in managing multiple resources and handling background tasks like push notifications.

Better Mobile browser debugging which will help ensuring the quality of mobile web applications and assist in app development.

With the implementation of the features in the wish list, HTML5 is expected to be the new exclusive platform for the web based application development, which will help the individual developers in establishing their own space in industry.


Posted January 12, 2012 by avinash2060 in Technology

3 responses to “The Developers’ Wish List for HTML5

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  1. the video tag should be made able to play more video formats!!!

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