Why It is Not Right to call Bangalore or any other Asian City as Silicon Valley and its comparison with Silicon Valley of World   2 comments

Research of Internet Started with ARPANET .When US plane was shot down by USSR around 1970’s It sent Jitters Down the US Military Establishment which started worked improving reliability in Computing Systems and faster transmission time with reduced Storage .There was two researches on Internet going on one in USA and other in UK .In USA funding was from Military while UK was from commercial perspective .

Why Did USA Succeed and UK Lagged Behind?

There can be variety of Factors attributed to this some of the prominent ones are

  •  Universities in USA are allocated funds along with projects .Considering their diversity of student from all over the world they are expected to come out with Best Possible Solutions
  •  In USA Military Projects if successful are made into Separate entities   as in case of ARPANET which brought down the cost as same technology was used for both Civilian and Military
  • Discretion of the President to Appoint People of his Choice  to Committees would ensure people in Academic World would bring in their experience and once their term is over they would take their experiences back to the academic world
  • Most of Labs work on PPP Model which provides access to Ordinary People to provide their feedback

Many In and Around World are claiming their Cities are New Silicon Valleys of their Regions as in case of Bangalore in India ,Shanghai in China etc

What Defines Silicon Valley is it Eco System or Volume of Companies?

to be Continued


Posted January 15, 2012 by avinash2060 in Analytics

2 responses to “Why It is Not Right to call Bangalore or any other Asian City as Silicon Valley and its comparison with Silicon Valley of World

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