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Women are always known for being stylish and choosy for their personal stuffs. In today’s tech savvy age women are making gadgets as their best friends than diamonds. Many manufacturers are coming up with stylish gadgets for women, so have a look at the best stylist gadgets catered for women needs.

Heart Shaped Pen Drive

Keep your information close to your heart, yes its right. Here is a necklace for a woman which is actually a pen drive. This pen drive exactly looks like a stylish heart shaped pendent and comes with 2 GB, 4GB and 8 GB data storage models. This kind of pen drives are made up of stainless steels decorated with crystals which give a luxurious and stylish looks. The heart shaped pen drives are available at a starting price of 999.

Smart Watch

Wearing your Smartphone at your wrist sounds interesting isn’t it. Many companies, including Sony have launched this smart watch which runs on Android operating system. This smart watch can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth to access calls, SMS, music and it also supports apps like Facebook, Twitter, music player and even weather apps.

luetooth Pendent

Bluetooth headset are becoming more and more stylish these days. Jabra, mobile accessory maker has come up with a new Bluetooth device in the form of a pendent for 3800.

This device wirelessly auto pairs with your devices like smartphone or music player. It delivers music via standard headphone with virtual surround sound and full power bass. It has a technology called AM3D which also enables to attend calls. It has keys to skip music tracks, reject calls, activate ‘mute’,

Wristband Pendrive

Wristband pen drives are made for those who often lose their pen drive. This pen drive has a great design made up of flexible and smooth plastic using silicon. This pen drive is secure around your wrist. Wristband pen drive comes in six to eight different colors with storing capacity ranging from 512 MB to 16 GB and comes with a starting price of 799. Along with this it displays time also, so it can be used as a wrist watch too.

Bluetooth Sunglass

Change the trend of seeing the world with these multipurpose sunglasses and keep your plain boring sunglasses in your wardrobe.  This multipurpose sunglass comes in different styles, color, shades and features. It has a built in Bluetooth which connects to your smartphone or music device and lets you listen to music and attend calls. Bluetooth sunglasses have a starting price tag of 2999.


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