Apple vs Android war: iPhone 4S gives Apple an edge over Android   1 comment

Apple vs Android war is getting difficult for Google’s Android. iPhone 4S has helped Apple get an edge over Android

New research into the smartphone market has revealed that a larger population of smartphone buyers are veering towards Android phones. Research firm Nielsen lte out its latest findings and it was found that though Android buyers are more, the market share of Android fell 12% in the last quarter of 2011. This was the time iPhone 4S was released.

The data further showed that the gap between the market shares of Android and Apple is decreasing quickly. Following the record breaking sales of iPhone 4S, Apple swiftly covered the gap and caught hold of 44% of smartphone market share. The Android market share meanwhile came down to 46%.

Apple has upped the ante in the smartphone competition and is vying to woo customers with irresistible features like the very entertaining and pretty useful voice command program Siri in the latest iPhone 4S. This has made more smartphones users to opt for the Apple product than any other company in competition.

Nielsen also revealed that Apple has managed to double its customer base in 2011, especially in the last quarter of the year iPhone 4S was launched. Maintaining its records of breaking its own whopping sales records, Apple is going places in the smartphone market even without the iconic presence of its founder Steve Jobs.

Firms catering Android smartphones are also not leaving any stone unturned in the newly charged smartphone market. Nielson revealed numbers hinting at the fast growing smartphone industry. It showed that the number of people choosing an Android phone over an Apple phone doubled in the second last quarter of 2011, as compared to the previous three months when no new iPhone was available. The boost in the Android market was partly thanks to the smartphones shipments from HTC and Samsung. They topped Apple phone shipments during that time.

This was quickly handled by Apple when it released iPhone 4S, sending back Android sales down under the rush for the Siri-enabled new iPhone.

Though Android has the power of number on its side since more smartphones run this OS, Nielson was also cautious with its report, suggesting that Android’s lead is more tentative than its reported 700,000 daily activations suggest.

There is another spike in Apple product sales later this year as the firm is expected to release a 4G LTE iPhone before the end of 2012. The new release schedule of iPhone 5 by Apple now claims the October this year and then it will be judgement day for the year for Android sales to check if they can keep up with the new rush for iPhone 5.

Another research firm ChangeWave also recently commented that though the sales of iPhones have mostly showen major rise during the launch and then a deep decline after some time, the consumer interest in 4S has remained constant this time round.

ChangeWave commented, “Apple has never dominated smartphone planned buying to this extent more than two months after a major new release.”

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