Apple Apps Remain Many Developers Favourite: Analyst   1 comment

Coders made roughly one new Android app for every three Apple apps

Google has turned Android into the most popular operating system for smartphones.And yet the platform may be losing ground to Apples iOS in a major area: new applications.Relative to Apple,fewer apps were created for Android in January than a year earlier,according to Flurry,a company that analyses mobile-software data.Developers made roughly one new Android app for every three Apple apps,Flurry found.A year ago,they created two Android app for every three Apple apps.While the study only tracked developers who design apps using Flurrys tools,the shift suggests that Googles bid to overtake Apples industry-leading App Store may be losing some steam.Apple has more than 550,000 apps in its store,compared with over 400,000 for Googles Android Market.Both companies count on the array of apps to make their phones more enticing and lock in consumers who are already using the devices.We saw a greater migration to iOS, said Peter Farago,VP of marketing at San Francisco-based Flurry.Google has made quick gains on Apple since the first Android phones went on sale in 2008.In 2011,though,the growth in new apps for Android was about half the level of Apple,according to the firm,which tracks more than 55,000 developers.The study measured more than 65,000 new software projects over the course of the year.Other research firms are seeing a similar slowdown in Android.A survey of about 2,000 developers conducted by Appcelerator and IDC found that fewer programmers were very interested in developing for Android phones and tablets in November than in June,while their interest in iOS devices remained unchanged.Christopher Katsaros,a spokesman at Google in Mountain View,California,declined to comment.Christine Monaghan at Cupertino,California-based Apple didnt return a request for comment.The reasons for the smaller interest in Android involve time and money.Apple apps can be quicker to develop and its easier to generate revenue from them,thanks in part to Apples iTunes system.Developers can make more money on iOS, Farago said.


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  1. Wow. Fantastically cool!

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