Facebook’s fastest rising rival: 6 things to know   1 comment

Facebook has a new rival in Pinterest. Being described as the hottest thing to happen to social networking after Facebook and the hottest social startup of 2012, Pinterest is rising very fast in user adoption.

The site – it acts as a perfect foil to twitter and facebook – allows users to collect photos and videos that link back to the products they like. Users can create boards to share things they like, or find beautiful, inspirational, or anything interesting.

Here’s all you must know about Pinterest.

Visual avatar of Twitter

Some analysts describe the site as a visual version of Twitter. Like Twitter, users can ‘follow’ other users who share their interests, and quick, brief picture posts make up the bulk of posts on the site. It is basically a web-based bulletin board where people share images of things they like.

Invitation only

Presently, Pinterest is available by invitation only. In case a user is interested, he can click ‘Request an invite’ and submit his e-mail address, or ask someone who is already a member to extend an invitation.

Non-members too can pin up

In case a user is not keen on signing up, he can still browse “pins” that others have posted. Pinterest has various categories like food/cooking, beauty/fashion, media, sports/health etc. However, a user can also choose anything of his interest, or create newer choices.

What exactly is a pin

A pin is a little more than a photo with one or more comments, plus a link to the site where it originated. Comments can follow underneath.

How to pin

Once a user becomes a Pinterest member, he can pin items using various methods. The easiest is to upload a photo from his computer, or use the Pinterest “Pin It” button to pin from the site he/she is viewing. The button can be added as a shortcut on the browser bar also.

Users can also create their own “pin boards” which can be based on any topic or topics of their interest. They can also add, customize, and rearrange their Boards.

Fastest-growing social network

Pinterest has increased its market share by 68 percent in January in the UK, has hit 12 million unique visitors in the US, the fastest social network ever to hit the figure. According to a Sandbox, daily users have increased by more than 145% since the start of 2012.


Posted February 16, 2012 by avinash2060 in Social Media

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