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Apple’s next version of its Mac operating system is nearly ready. Dubbed Mountain Lion, an early version of the new OS is now ready to be previewed by developers.

Inspired by Apple’s own mobile software iOS, the latest upgrade copies features and apps from the iPhone and iPad to the Mac.

Among the host of borrowed features, Mountain Lion brings iCloud integration, a new Message app and the popular Notification centre right on the desktop.

Here is a first look at the upcoming Mac OS, scheduled for release this summer.



The new OS will be integrated with iCloud, Apple’s online storage service designed for the mobile devices.

This means if you are on your computer and save a document into the cloud, you can access it on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or another Mac.

And when you add, delete, or edit something on your Mac, changes will reflect on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch or vice versa.



The new Messages app, also copied from the mobile OS, will replace Apple’s iChat instant messenger.

A beta release of Messages app is already available for download from Apple’s website, but only on Macs running OS X Lion.

And just like iMessage in iOS, it will let users send unlimited messages to anyone on a Mac or an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch running iOS 5. Users will be able to send photos, videos, documents, and contacts too.

Reminders, Notes

Reminders, Notes

Another borrowed feature from iOS, Reminder, is coming to Mountain Lion OS. With this, users will be able to track their to-do lists. And with iCloud integration, all the reminders will remain synced across devices like Mac, iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Apple’s iOS Notes app is also coming on the OS X Mountain Lion. Notes in OS X Mountain Lion will allow users to write what they want and add photos, images, and attachments.

With an in-built Share button inside Notes, users will be able to share their notes via e-mail or message.

Notification Center

Notification Center

The new OS brings Notification Center from iOS to Mac. Just like on the iPhone, a new Notification Center will show alerts from email, messages and calendar programmes.

Notification banners will appear on the desktop and quickly disappear while you are working.

In Mountain Lion, the Notification Center will appear like a band on right side of the screen.

Users can access it either by clicking on the Notification Center icon at the far right of the menu bar, or by swiping with two fingers at the far right edge of the trackpad.

Share Sheets

Share Sheets

The new OS will offer a quick way to share photos, videos, and links from within an app. Users will find the Share button in many OS X Mountain Lion apps.

There will be a drop-down menu with a list of sharing destinations like Flickr or Twitter.

Twitter integration

Twitter integration

The new OS users will be able to tweet right from the apps. This means, with the Twitter integration, users will not have to leave the app they are in.

They will be able to tweet links and photos directly from Safari, iPhoto, or Photo Booth with the new Tweet Sheet.

Users will also be able to add tweet comments and locations. And when someone mentions them in a tweet or sends a message, they will get a Twitter notification.

Game Center

Game Center

Another iOS import, Apple’s popular Game Center, with more than 100 million registered users, is arriving on Mac. Mountain Lion will include Game Center, an iPhone app which stores high game scores and helps users find opponents.

According to Apple, users will be able to set up and personalize gaming experience with a Game Center app for Mac.



This feature marries the computer and the television with AirPlay mirroring, helping users turn their TV into an extension of their PC screen.

With AirPlay Mirroring, users can stream what’s on their Mac to HDTV via Apple TV. It will let users show web pages, photos and videos.



The developer preview also includes Gatekeeper. The feature will help prevent users from unknowingly downloading and installing malicious software.

The feature also gives users complete control over what applications are installed on a Mac. In view of rising online threats, this will go a long way in securing your Mac.


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