8 Reasons why you should not buy Aakash-The worlds cheapest tablet   Leave a comment

After launching the Aakash tablet, which is the lowest priced tablet computer ever, doubts about its reliability are being raised. Sadly, the sales reports shows Aakash tab was disappointing for those who got Aakah on their hands. According to tech guru’s around the web, the newer version of akash – Ubislate 7 plus  will be similar to Chinese gadgets and have a SIM card option. Here’s the top drawbacks of Aaksh tablet or this could be the reasons why this tab is a failure

1. Very slow processor: – Dont expect any multitasking performance from this tab as it’s 336 MHz processor cant do anything unusual but it sucks even for running simple apps.
2. Low inbuilt memory : You cant be able to store a much movies because it doesn’t have enough memory. However you can use external memory cards but you need to buy a 8GB microSD card, it’ll cost you Rs.500-800 extra.
3. Low capacity Battery – 2100 mAh : Tablets have bigger display, so it needs big capacity batteries. But the Akash have only a 2100 mAh battery which’ll only last for 1 or 2 hours.
4. Poor touch screen response: I have to say that the resistive touch screen is too difficult to use as it needs much force to select or drag an item on the screen. It’s quite annoying if you’re experienced capacitive toch screens.
5. Heats up quickly : The inability of the processor to do multitasking efficiently obviously results in overheating he device. The tablet could get heated up within one hours of internet browsing through WiFi.
6. No Android Market application: One of the main advantages of android devices is the availability of tons of apps that can be easily downloaded from the market. But unfortunately in Akash tab, there’s no Market application – no application upgrades.
7. No Bluetooth: If you need to share a file, it wont be easy in Akash tab since it neither have an inbuilt Bluetooth connectivity nor supports USB dongles.
8. No external speakers: There is no external loudspeaker connected to the device, you need earphones to hear sound, but it costs money.

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