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The Aakash Tablet has become really very popular in a short span of time as it is very cheap in price and everyone can buy it easily . With the motive of providing computer education to each and every student of India who cant afford to buy Computers and Laptops , Aakash Tablet has been invented jointly by IIT and Datawind . Aakash Tablet aimed especially for students seems rather get focused by each and every generation of India .

Features of Aakash Tablet :

  • Operating System : It runs on Android 2.2 (Froyo) OS .
  • Processor : It is powered by the 366 MHz single core Processor .
  • 2GB internal Flash memory as well as 256 MB RAM .
  • Multimedia Formats : The Aakash Tablet Supports various formats like FLV , MPeg2 , MPeg4 , .png , .jpeg , AAC , MP3 , .bmp , .gif , AC3 , WAV , WMA .
  • Connectors : The Aakash Tablet supports HDMI port as well as two slots for memory card for expanding the memory up to 32 GB . SM card Slot and USB ports are also there .
  • Supported Document formats : DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, ODT, ODP
  • Applications : The Aakash Tablet supports installation of over more than 1500 applications giving you wide variety of choices of applications .
  • Dispaly : The 7 inch Aakash Tablet has a resistive touch screen with 800 x 480 pixel resolution .
  • Internet Connectivity : For the purpose of internet connectivity , The aakash tablet supports wifi 802.11 a/b/g with a Web Browser having Standards Compliance, xHTML 1.1 compliant, JavaScript 1.8 compliant and safety compliance.

Advantages Of Aakash Tablet :

  • First of all , the major advantage fo the Aakash Tablet which i found is the Price . I bet , you cannot have a good smartphone within the range of 3000 INR but surely you can get a Aakash Tablet . Moreover , for students , this price is further slashed by 50% i.e 1500 INR as a subsidy by the Government .
  • Moreover , the Government is sponsoring this tablet , so we can have better assurance of its Service support .
  • The Aakash Tablet supports 32 GB memory storage (expandable) and 2 GB internal storage with 256 MB RAM .
  • The Tablet is Completely Touch Screen , so people can use and enjoy it easily .
  • The Prices are supposed to be cut down every year as the company says that they will launch the product every year with new improvements and tweaks made .
  • The Tablet will also help watching Youtube Videos without any hassle

Defects Or Disadvantages Of Aakash Tablet :

  • No Android Market : Though The Tablet runs on Android 2.2 OS but it do not supports access to android market and hence you cant install any new fee applications .
  • Low Battery Life : The Aakash Tablet comes with 2100 mAh battery which do not last more than 4 hours . So it may need to get charged again and again .
  • Heats Up Quickly : Since the Processor is a single core 366 MHz and it runs on Android 2.2 OS so half of the resources are used alone by OS . So it gets heated up quickly with the use of it .
  • No GPRS / 3G or Bluetooth : The Tablet Do not Support the same but Wifi and USB Ports .
  • It might end up in hanging situations by running Multi Applications on the same time as it get heated up quickly .
  • Poor Resistive Touch Screen : The Tablet Do not Comes With HD Screen so its Display quality is worse and majority of the people may not like it .
  • No Customer Care Support : At the present moment , the customer care cejnters are only in few metro cities .

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