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This Friday would have been Steve Jobs 57th birthday.Jobs,who died October last year,would have had lots to be happy about had he surveyed Apples financials this weekend.But along with record stock price,profits and cash pile,Jobs would have also noticed a couple of things that would have made him think.First,a controversy about Apples China factories.Second,a change from a Jobs code new Apple leader Tim Cook wants to share profits with shareholders,for the first time since 1995.Lets look at the key post-Jobs Apple numbers


Thats how high Apple shares rose on February 15,2012,making Apple the most valuable company in the world.The share price has retreated from that level,but stock has gained more than $100 since the beginning of the year and about $140 since Jobs death.

Thats how much Apple has in its war chest in form of cash and near-cash instruments (end-2011 data).

$98 bn

Apple shareholders now plans.Apple to return does not some pay of dividends that cash on to its its common stock,as Jobs had been dismissive of paying regular dividends.

Thats Apples position in PC market now with 17% share of total shipments in October-December,11.


Apple zooming toppled iPad sales HP from.It shipped the pole 15 position.4 mn,iPads thanks and to 5.2 mn Macs during the quarter.Tablet sales are expected to see fresh surge when iPad 3 is launched.


Thats how many apps App Store offers.In comparison,Android has 390,294 apps.And,Apple seems to be winning the apps download race too: on Christmas day alone,Apple reported 140 million downloads and Android about 102 million.

$2 billion

Thats how much Chinese company Proview Electronics Co is seeking as compensation in the US courts from Apple for illegally using its trademark iPad.Apple said it had bought the rights to use the trademark through an intermediary company for $55,000.


Thats how much Foxconn employees in a Chinese factory,who put together iPads earn per hour,according to a news documentary.They work 12 hours a day.A meal at the cafeteria cost $0.70.They live in dorms and pay a rent of $17.50 per month.


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