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Social media fatigue is what the Gen-i has been experiencing of late, as they tend to log on to social networking sites less frequently, according to a recent survey carried out by The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM).

Post an interaction with about 2,000 youngsters in the age group of 12-25 years, about 55% said they’ve consciously reduced the time spent on social networking sites, 30% said they have deactivated or deleted their accounts and profiles and 20% prefer staying in touch via Blackberry Messenger, Watsapp, etc. The remaining said they’ve started maintaining a low profile online as they feel their privacy is being breached. The respondents also said that compulsive social networking has led to insomnia, depression, poor inter-personal relationships, lack of concentration, anxiety, ignorance and rudeness in general behaviour.

Virtual burnout
Of the 200 interviewed in Delhi, 60% said they find it boring to see constant senseless status updates. Nimisha says, “The craze has subsided over the years. After a while, one gets bored. How many pictures will you post? It gets monotonous.”

“You’ve been there done that – bragging about your foreign trips, makeover, new job, receiving the “You look killer in that pic” kind of comments – now, it’s sort of outdated,” says Manish Bhardwaj, a DU student.

Deactivation mode
“I stopped meeting friends as we all thought ki hum online toh touch mein hain na. Later, we realised meeting in person is much better,” recalls Mahima Bansal, 23. “You talk to only a bunch of people, even when you’ve befriended 500 people on a social networking site, as you are compatible only with them, so why not keep in touch with them through Blackberry messenger, video calling, etc?” asks Anubha Sahni, 24, software developer.

Active online, inactive offline
Delhi respondents said excessive social networking started telling on their health and their professional and personal lives. “On reaching office, I could not work before checking the photo comments and my friend’s pages. My work started suffering and I had to do overtime to meet deadlines. This led to irritability and fatigue,” says Tanuja Mukherjee, 26, a web designer. *Names changed on request

Here are some statuses we’d like to get rid off…

The ‘PDA’ Status
Eg: “I love you baby. Mwaaaaaah”
Apparently, there’s absolutely no better way to express your love other than to shove it in everybody’s faces.

The ‘Quote’ status
Eg: “All that we are is the result of what we have thought – Buddha”
Move aside Socrates, Nietzche – the Facebook philosophers are here and by posting these quotes/lyrics, they have given us a glimpse of their vast glimmering intellect.

The ‘Attention Seekers’
Eg: “Oh my God, I am so fat – no one will ever love me!”
We see right through you – you attention seeking whiner you – and we know you are waiting for someone to post a comment saying, “Awwww, no, you’re not!”

The ‘Emo’ status
Eg: “Riding on a wave of self-loathing. If only you could understand. None of you ever will.”

After all, who cares about orphans starving in Africa, when there are more pressing problems at hand – like a teen who no one understands!

The ‘Too Much Info’ status
Eg: “Saw the cutest shoes in the mall”
Facebook’s not your chaddi-buddy. Nobody cares about the blow-by-blow details of your life.

The ‘Whoo!’ status
Eg: “I’m so drunk, I can barely type. Whooo!”
Because, what’s the point of having fun if you can’t show off about the fact that you’re having fun while you are having that aforementioned fun?!


Posted March 9, 2012 by avinash2060 in Social Media

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