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Do you want to work in a company that pays the highest to its staffs, when it comes to the technology sector? If yes, then start looking for a job in Google. However, you need to posses all the qualities that are needed to get a job at Google.

We use the search engine giant on our daily basis but we forget to appreciate the 32,467 full-time employees, who work to make our searching experience delightful when we gaze at our computer screens. These employees’ posses’ great caliber that has turned the company into a search engine giant and its appeal captivates almost everyone in the world.

 According to Psychology at your Career’s service, some of the Google employees are the highest earners with a reported salary of $141,00 (£86,800), which exhibits a 23 percent above the current market rates. The Googler’s avail job perks which include free gourmet meals, massages, tax-free bonuses and substantial raises.

So, you must be wondering that, what it takes to get a job at Google? Infographic suggests the process the search engine undergoes to hire its staff. By going through it you can have an idea of the hiring process and can form an initiative to increase your application chances.

Every year the search engine giant receives over one million resume and the company reviews each and every resume it receives, of those resumes they hire only between 4000 and 6000 applicants which is 1 percent to 4 percent. The hiring committee makes the hiring decisions. This also suggests that no hiring managers can make potentially bad decisions by themselves. The search engine giant concentrates more on hiring for talent relatively than focusing on specific skill sets. Listed below is the process of getting hired at Google.

1. Recruiter screen: The hiring managers at Google, review every resume they receive for technical requirements, education and experience to make sure that the candidate is potentially fit for the job.

2. Phone screen: If you have applied for a job at Google, and if your resume passes the recruiter screen then you will definitely get a call from the hiring manager, who will explain you what kind of questions you will expect in the interview. If it is a technical engineering role, then he may ask for your SAT scores and College GPA.

3. On site interview: For the first on site interview, you will have to face with four to five people for 45 minutes each. For a technical role you will be asked to solve technical problems in real time like coding a solution or a white board design. Some questions may also be asked by the recruiters like “ How many golf balls can fit in a school bus?” or “There are 8 balls. Seven of them weigh the same, but one is heavier, using a balance scale, how do you find the heavier ball with just two heavier weighings?”

4. Interview Feedback: After the interview, the interviewers in a standard format submit their feedback about the candidate assigning a numerical ranking to the candidate. A search is done to match the candidates resume to the employees resume to find the matches for the schools or companies for the specified years. An email is sent to the Google staffs asking their view on the applicant.

5. Hiring Committee: Based on the decision of the hiring committee the final decision is made that whether a candidate will be hired for the job or not. This hiring committee consists of senior managers, and directors and experienced employees of this field. The committee members see the entire potential candidate for all open jobs in this area so they have a very good feeling for the required capabilities or highly qualified people. The committee reviews every piece of feedback as well as the resume and work experience.

6. Executive Review: The senior level management of the company reviews every offer that is given to the applicants.

7. Compensation Committee: The compensation committee of the company decides the appropriate total compensation for the offer.

8. Final Executive Review: One of the top executives of the company goes through all the employment offers before extending to the candidates.

9. The Offer: The hiring manager will inform you of an offer, and explain all the details of the offer. Google offers are very competitive, generous and very thorough. The search engine giant wants its employees to be happy, motivated and totally focused at work.


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