You Can’t Beat Apple by Trying To Be More Like It   Leave a comment

Apple, established on April 1, 1976 is the most admired and successful company in the world now. From Macintosh to iPad, each of its products had revolutionized the world and the company, worth more than $490 Billion always is a cause of envy to others, no wonder why they try to act more like Apple.

In particular:

Google is Building Hardware: After acquiring Motorola, one of World’s biggest cell phone makers, Google is now trying to step into hardware business. Apparently it’s testing its first music streaming device. Google might be eyeing the success and profit that Apple gets from its Hardware-Software business. But as a report in Business insider said, Google has never successfully sold anything to customers, instead it’s good at building responsive and useful software scaled to the internet.

Microsoft is defining hardware specs: Microsoft is defining strict specifications to hardware manufacturers to run its windows platform. To compete with the iPad, Microsoft’s new windows 8 will also run on ARM chips (additional to the traditional x86 and 64 bit), but will be available only with carefully defined specifications so that like ipad, you can’t run old apps or buy and install the OS separately.

So all are trying to be more like Apple by following its strategies. But according to many industry experts, this is not the right approach.

 For instance, look at the success of Amazon’s Kindle Fire. Amazon was never a hardware company or good at software. With its large database of customer buying habits, the Company was able to find how the move to technology change the people’s way of shopping. Kindle plays to that point.

Google never designed a hardware. Its best design was the original home page, while Apple had always created a benchmark to design with its every product- iPod, iPad or Mac Air. Apple always releases products that are perfect in every dimension but Google’s strategy- releasing the beta version and improves over time- works well only with free internet services. Also Google doesn’t have any personalized customer service as apple has.

Google is good in building massive internet services. It had to make sure all its services work well on all devices and make money from them without charging customers (like what it did with Android).

Microsoft is really good at building software for every kind of business in the world. It always did that (Windows, Office, SharePoint, Exchange). Even though they were not perfect, every kind of user adopts it. It had to make sure its applications like Office eventually move out to every platform out there, including Android and iPad.

But until then Apple will keep on saying “envy is a waste of time.”

Posted March 12, 2012 by avinash2060 in Apple, Apple Insight

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