“Money, Fame and Image”: Top Priority of Gen Y?   2 comments

Gen Y is always an interesting area for researchers and psychologists when it comes to behavioral studies. Yeah, Millennials’ profiles have been reviewed in every perspective. In a workplace, it is important to evaluate the trends of Gen Y employees for associating them to corporate world. Baby Boomers and Gen X were not a big headache for employers, may be because of the less competition in job market. Today, the number of business ventures has increased with a parallel increase of talents in the global job market.  The trend of shifting from companies to companies has also increased in such an extent.

Most studies say Gen Y is very selfish and more ego-centric. The recent study which appeared in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology states that Millenials are more attracted to extrinsic goals which are associated to financial success, appearance, social recognition than intrinsic ones (self-acceptance, affiliation, community feeling).  The research has studied around 10 million young adults from 1966 to 2009 including Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y. They were asked questions based on their involvement in community services, life goals along with asking how important it is for them to make an impact in the political structure, participating in charity services and being financially sound in society to develop a significant way of life. The findings show basic differences in community values and even in personal values while Gen Y gives more priority for ‘money, fame and image’.

More astoundingly, only 35 percent stay informed about political affairs, whereas, majority of the Millenials rated community issues are least important to them. Though, they could volunteer for many causes which give appearance, achievement and recognition.  The personal values and community values narrowed to a ‘me-centric’ system which can reason many personal issues like anxiety, despair, and isolation in a great level.

But the changing values of the Gen Y are more demanded in the society and in the personal level. While the tuning of Gen Y to Gen Me advantages by declining discrimination and developing equality, it makes negative impact with their detachment from community services and with impracticable expectations.

Have you thought of why Gen Y fascinated towards extrinsic goals? Well, more than reviewing Gen Y characteristics, many of the behavioral researchers are not interested to question ‘why’. Do you think, ‘what’ can make a big difference in the life style of Gen Y than ‘why’?

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2 responses to ““Money, Fame and Image”: Top Priority of Gen Y?

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  1. Some tremendously logical points! I appreciate you penning this post and also the rest of the website is also very great as well.

  2. You bring up some interesting points.

    Gen Y’s are known for their awareness of environment and community, but is it for themselves or for the appearance of being charitable? I never thought about it from this perspective before.

    Gen Y is also responsible for the social media craze starting with Facebook’s roots in colleges. But why are they social? For themselves? Again, an interesting thought.

    Maybe Gen Y focuses on extrinsic goals because of the excessive positive recognition that they received growing up – maybe they crave that positive recognition and money, image and fame is a way to get it?

    I’m not quite sold yet. Given my experience, I see where these studies are coming from. For example, a Gen Y might demand flex time at work so they have more time for themselves, but I also think it is important for Gen Y’s to be a part of something that is bigger than themselves. That they are willing to sacrifice for something they strongly believe. The better question, the one that you raised, ‘what’ is that they are willing to sacrifice for?

    Good post! I enjoyed it!

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