Should Startup CEOs Be Another Steve Jobs?   2 comments

Running a company is distinctly different from simply having operating experience in development, sales, marketing or handling a team. None of that can compare with being a startup CEO and his responsibilities that includes operations, marketing, strategy, financing, creation of company culture, human resources and relations, hiring, firing, and several others. Whatever may be the stance, almost every startup CEO wants to follow and be a blind disciple of the great innovator Steve Jobs.

Several startup CEOs agree to the management philosophies of Steve Jobs and tries to imitate them in their organization. Previously where these CEOs were more focused on managing the managers, they currently are inclined towards focusing on the innovation in their product or services offerings to the customers. This is what Steve Jobs has done and created history with.

But, would imitating someone not make one look more dumb, immature and incompetent? Isn’t it fair to act like yourself? Several startup CEOs not only imitate Jobs keynote style but also his dressing style like wearing black turtlenecks, which is Jobs signature item of clothing.

Adopting Jobs managerial skills to promote the startup needs a more in-depth raze to captivate all the feedback that he used to get for his harsh behavior towards his employees. There is a perception among the industry that Steve Jobs was a ruthless dictator and that is what has worked for Apple. He used to dictate the vision and everyone else in the company were stuck to it and anything less was unacceptable. This was possible only because Jobs had a vision for his company and had defined targets for his teams.

To overcome the hatered by employees for being a dictator, several startup CEOs have gifted the biography of Steve Jobs to their executives and managerial people to understand the reason behind it. However, they might be ignoring the fact that the reasons specified in the book might not be enough to erase the hard feelings for their CEOs. Jobs used to fire people when he did not find them fit for the post. He never expected anything below 100 percent from the people and that is the reason why most of the companies that Apple acquired used to have different faces working for them within short period of time.

Many other CEOs who are flooded with email alerts, and so they ask their senior employees and managerial staffs to read a book, “The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs” to master messaging so they do not flood their in-boxes with emails.

The startup CEOs not only seems to be admiring Steve Jobs, but also trying to actually act like him. They are trying to have a low tolerance for imperfection, being ruthless dictator and holding people accountable and taking actions fast. For that, it is important to have the magnetism and the ability to push the team to buy into their vision and dreams. Do startup CEOs have this trait within themselves?

Posted April 8, 2012 by avinash2060 in Apple

2 responses to “Should Startup CEOs Be Another Steve Jobs?

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