8 Wild Artistic Tributes to Steve Jobs   2 comments

Apple’s visionary CEO Steve Jobs has a huge pool of fans and many of them are artists who come with some great sense of humor to create these wacky and cool arts of Steve Jobs which now stands as an obituary to this trend setter of gadget world. Steve Jobs once said “I think part of what made the Macintosh great was that the people working on it were musicians, poets, artists, zoologists and historians who also happened to be the best computer scientists in the world”. Have a look the remembrance that makes Steve Jobs come alive in the minds on Apple fans.

Steve Job Soft Toy:

This is such a cute little soft toy which can sit at your work desk to encourage you to be different and perfect. It can even tell your next generation who are born with an iPad in their hand about the creator of this device.

What all he made and all that made him:

From the Macintosh to the latest third generation iPad with Retina Display all had made an impact in the market place to the peek. The whole range of products which redefined the look and feel of the gadgets was made by Steve Jobs and all those excusive products now define what he was.

Steve made of Apple:

You Google ‘Apple’ and nothing come about the fruit; this is the brand image which this half-bitten apple logoed company has gained in this tech era.  The idea of bringing out Steve Jobs out of apples and the work done by one of the Steve Job fans is worth adoring.

Jobs on the Wall:

This art work states Steve was a good looking soul for sure, though his illness in his last-days made some grouches in his looks. But his attitude of “Stay hungry. Stay foolish” never saw any grumble as long he lived.

Steve Jobs in Marilyn Monroe Way:

Marilyn Monroe has been a fantasy  for the whole world. The maker of all those dreamy products is worth portraying in a American Dream way. He doesn’t look that bad, only those beards should be removed!

The Street is of Steve’s:

This street art which portrayed Steve Jobs and also crafted the Apple logo in a different and meaningful way is admirable. The burning candle which sits on a thumbs-up sign which resembles an Apple logo with the backdrop of Steve’s painting is a tribute to watch.


A Good-Bye Gift:

This art work gives out a Good-Bye note to one of the most admired tech visionary of this century. Its sad have such a loss and we all are sorry to say Good-Bye. The hidden essence of this art can be taken in either way, you can consider Steve as the one who broke the wall and made an imprint or you can consider him as the one who made an impact and faded away. The artist has also made Steve’s face come in an apple shape

 Steve will Never Die:
The best thing about great thinkers is that they never die. Their thought and vision stays alive even if they pass away. Steve Jobs and his revolutionary products will always stand as a trend setter for the whole gadget realm.

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2 responses to “8 Wild Artistic Tributes to Steve Jobs

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