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Did you know that Oracle has accused Google of stealing Java Scripts for implementation in Android? The two tech giants of the world are now fighting it out with all their vigor in the biggest intellectual-property lawsuit of history. While Oracle has evidence to claim the codes used in Android OS are based on stolen Java Scripts, Google on the other hand claims that they haven’t done anything illegal.

Amidst the shower of blames and accusations coming from both sides of the courtroom there are things being said and whispered that could govern the course of the judgment.

 These are the 10 “points to be noted” about the on-going Google-Oracle lawsuit that reveal the actual facets of arguments from both ends.

 10. Oracle’s Blame

Michael Jacobs, the Oracle attorney stated that a huge part of the code of Android OS is stolen from sections of the Java Application Program Interface (API) codes available on Sun Java Website. According to Jacob, Google took copyrighted Java blueprints to develop application for Android.

9.The toughest job we do

As per Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle’s opinion stated in ZDnet’s article Oracle’s “Larry Ellison takes the stand in Android IP trial”, developing API’s is arguably the toughest work that the programmers at Oracle. Companies like Blackberry and Amazon have taken licenses to use Java documentations and not codes for applications like RIM and Kindle. So, from Oracle’s point of view, Google’s step to copy the codes available on website is quiet a considerable threat to Oracle’s Intellectual property.

8. The Sun Micros ystems License

Google’s attorney Robert Van Nest stated in a Tech2 Post that Google had once tried negotiating with java to build partnership with Sun to develop android. Once the talks dried out, the engineers from Google developed the whole Android OS without using any technology from Sun.

7.Emails that say a lot

In spite of Google’s defense, certain emails shared between Google Executives tell a complete different story. In 2005, Android Chief Andy Rubin sent an email to Co-Founder Larry Page proposing to buy license for Java from Sun,

Andy Rubin: “We’ll pay Sun for the license.”

In another email sent by Rubin in 2007 to then CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt,

Andy Rubin:  “I’m done with Sun. We’ll do Java anyway and defend our decision; perhaps making enemies along the way. They won’t be happy when we release our stuff.”

 This, according to the Oracle’s attorney Michael Jacobs, shows the clear intentions of Google to use Java Scripts under any condition.

6. Google knew about the Copyright violation

Java Scripts are available on the Sun Java website for reference. A slide show presented by the Oracle attorney states programmers from Google accepting that they had consulted Java Docs from the website while developing implementing Android. According to the slides, the programmers were aware of the copyright violation notice, but proceeded in spite of knowing the consequences.

5. Google’s Response to Copyright violation

Sections of Java Scripts used to develop Android and allied applications cannot be protected by the copyright act, says Google. Several blog-spots about Google and some Android fan-clubs strongly support the statement and certain posts declare that anyone who values open source programming must avoid Oracle like a plague.

4. Ellison Doesn’t know if Java scripts are free

“I don’t know”, answered Larry Ellison when asked by Google’s attorney Van Nest, if Java is free. “I don’t know if you can copyright a language,” Ellison explained later, “I just don’t know the answer to that question.”

3. What does Oracle want?

Oracle apparently could have earned a huge sum of money by selling the codes, libraries and relevant documentations of the API to Google. “If people could copy our software and create cheap knockoffs of our products, we wouldn’t get paid for our engineering and wouldn’t be able to invest what we invest,” Ellison said in a Fox News interview, justifying their demand of about $6 Billions in shares as compensation to the extensive loss.

2. Overreached Claims by Oracle

Oracle’s claims were overruled by the court saying that the claims are overreached and the company needs to consider recalculating the expectancy of loss. The initial claims by Oracle that stated a $6 Billion loss could now be brought down to about $1 Billion in shares.

1. Is Oracle Being Jealous?

Google has always been standing strong on the theory that Oracle filed the lawsuit after failing badly to enter the Smartphone market. To Google’s relief, Larry Ellison actually accepted the theory saying that he always considered competing against Google in the Smartphone before filing the lawsuit. The outspoken Oracle CEO’s testimony could play a great role now in favor of Google in further hearings of the case.

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