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Well, everybody in the social space seems to blame Google+ for its underperformance, especially with the arrival of historic IPO of its contender Facebook. It’s true to an extent, since Facebook run well ahead with over 900 million active users compared to Google+’s 170 million.

But when it comes to the business side, the Android momentum, along with other services of Google, especially its expanding social network, is powering the company’s stock.

So, for those people who think Google+ never do well for Google, here are some surprising facts compiled by Business Insider.

According to a recent study, 64 percent of a selected group of brands have an active Google+ page and 22 percent of them have more than 100,000 in their circles.  These numbers are also increasing steadily.

Here are some statistics:

Brands are posting more frequently in Google+ compared to other ones.

Luxury is a booming industry in Google+ and automotive and electronics are the most popular brands.

The engagement amongst circlers is high in Google+

Photos are the ones which get most engagement in Google+ (watch out Pinterest)

When it comes to Mobile and Tablet space, Google sites lead the top portion in iOS, Android and Rim devices. Google+ iPhone app was once the most popular application on Apple App Store (may be the reason why Google+ has a better, polished app for iPhone than Android). Now the position belongs to iTunes App. But still, Google Maps with 91.2 percent reach is the second most popular app in iPhone.

Flashback: Google has stated its target of $10 revenue per Android device per year. As BI states it, even if Google gets $ 6.5 per device, the Android revenue base will be $1.4 billion considering the 215 million users. A recent Horace Dediu analysis reported that out of the entire content sales from Google Play (former Android Marketplace), five percent can be booked as revenues for Android. Also Apple’s App Store and Google Play hold the top spot in any app market.

But Now, Android is Craving For Google’s Attention

Google suddenly lost it attention on Android. Many users are finding it hard to locate good apps in Google Play store, App makers are feeling lost, and it’s been seven months since Google made any major announcement about Android. We know Google is settling its Android related code infringement issues with Oracle and according to figures revealed last week as part of a proposed settlement in the case, Google is generating more revenue from licensing the apps and products on iOS devices than what it gets from Android. Was this the reason?

But anyway as Android fans believe it, Google is never going to leave the OS which brought the company $543 million in a period of 3 years.


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6 responses to “Surprising Things You Never Knew About Google+

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