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Business schools continue to react to the ongoing financial events around the world, altering their programs to incorporate the lessons that need to be learnt from such economically game-changing events, employers continue to value the modern approach of MBA graduates to finance. Here’s a list of the world’s top MBA schools that are famous for their finance programmes.


Wharton tops the list of the best B-schools for finance. It is the world’s first collegiate business school, established in 1881. Wharton continues to push the boundaries of innovation, generating the knowledge that transforms global business and advances society. (Note: All rankings as per latest ‘QS Global 200 Business School Report 2012’)


University of Chicago Booth is a close second.Chicago Booth faculty, known as the best in business education, are free to develop innovative ways of teaching and presenting material, as well as to introduce new courses based on cutting-edge research or changing demands from the business community. Their achievements include redefining the science of the stock market, originating the study of modern finance, and proposing database marketing.


London Business School is ranked third. The unique and specialist Masters in Finance is practical and career oriented, and provides a thorough training in the principles and practice of finance.


New York University Stern ranked fourth is widely recognized as one of the premier departments of finance in the world


Harvard Business School ranked fifth examines the role of finance in supporting the functional areas of a firm, and fosters an understanding of how    financial decisions themselves can create value.


Columbia Business School ranks among the best in the United States and around the world and has become one of the leading business schools. Columbia Business School’s proximity to an extraordinary concentration of business leaders means that our students hear from CEOs and business innovators almost daily, both in and out of the classroom.


INSEAD is a unique business school in many ways; everything from the multi-location strategy to the tri-lingual requirement to the 10-month duration and the impressive diversity of students and faculty sets it apart from other top MBA programmes.


IE is an international institution dedicated to educating business leaders through programs based on our core values of global focus, entrepreneurial spirit and a humanistic approach.


Stanford University at #9 has built an international reputation based on its innovative programs.


At number 10, the Finance Department at the Kellogg School is one of the leaders in research in financial economics. Current theoretical and empirical research in the finance department spans the areas of asset pricing, corporate finance, financial institutions, international finance, market microstructure, regulation and related economic theory and econometrics. Click on Next to see some of the world’s other top ranking B-Schools, if you plan to pursue an MBA (Finance) degree..


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  1. Wow really fantastic collages,, i like to go there for studying my business courses.. thanks for sharing.. really amazing..

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  2. INSEAD is also ranked 19th in the Economist Intelligence Unit Full time MBA ranking:

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