Entrepreneurs Are of 5 Kinds, Which One Are You?   1 comment

Some are reluctant but some are fast, some are scared but others are ready to face the consequences; entrepreneurs are different from one another and every kind has pros and cons. Entrepreneurs have their own working styles, most often entrepreneurs are seen being very energetic and courageous in a meeting, but sometimes it must not be surprising to find shaky legs behind those decorated tables. Innovators, developers, implementers, leaders, founders etc are the synonyms generally used for the word ‘entrepreneur.’

Entrepreneurs can be strongly classified on the style of their functioning, read below to understand the different kinds of entrepreneurs as reported by Inc.

Revolutionary Sluggers

These entrepreneurs want to change the existing trend and plan to make it big with their every move. Success and huge revenues really don’t bother them as they do not follow the clichéd entrepreneurship notion. Sluggers understand that they were born to revolutionize and implement a hardcore change in the current existing structure or pattern of a life style. They are never amenable to quick exits or early succession planning.  Success does not get in to their head and are often seen humble and not thrilled unnecessarily.
Fred Smith of FedEx is a best example for ‘slugger – entrepreneur’

Success Hitters

Hitters are those kinds of entrepreneurs who have reaped success in every venture. They are known to be masters in success and every business they start has victory or success tagged to it. These entrepreneurs are hungry for success and even their smallest ventures become a success and fetches them enough money.  They strive for success and revenue than creating a revolution. Each business they start grabs attention of the users and the world for a while but nothing becomes a milestone ever.
Founder of PayCycle and Bills.com suits best in this slot and completes the term ‘Hitter – entrepreneur’

Fact Finders

Some entrepreneurs are very curious, they have questions for every move and they do not move forward until all these questions are satisfactorily answered. It is a kind of concern these entrepreneurs carry to make sure that there are no loop holes and to ensure their business is the best. Sometimes these men are so quick that your answer can be questioned the next second and it is all just because they are too curious and unwilling to take risks

Systemized runners

‘A pre-set system’ is what these men follow the most. They create systems and methods on how each and everything should be dealt in a business. Systemized runners are masters in creating a system; they follow steps and plan their move accordingly. It is much narrower in terms of experimenting while operating but the complete experimentation is done during the system/ step creation.

Change Implementers

They completely live in the physical world and every move of theirs is to implement a change in the existing pattern. It is an enjoyment process for these entrepreneurs and they build things that can ease up hectic processes. They demand freedom to work as innovation is their key tool. They try and bring changes and success automatically follows them for their innovative thoughts.


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