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The tech giants in the valley preserve their talents away from the poaching eyes through many ways. They provide employees with all the amenities – multi cuisine foods to luxurious comfort spaces to yoga classes- all within the campus and most important of them all, the big pay checks.

When it comes to a company like Apple, which is headed to become the first trillion dollar company in the world, it is normal for people to think about the “huge” employee pay checks. But, Apple does not love its engineers with salary as good as Google does. Still, they are getting a nice pay compared to other companies.

You will be surprised to know, how much the ‘Art director’ gets at Apple.

Here is the ranking of highest paying jobs at Apple.

20. Assistant Apple Store Manager

Salary: $49,176

After all, Apple needs someone to take care of its stores, through which the company sells its most reputed products. An Apple store manager is the last link of the chain. They get paid better than the store representatives, who take care of the customers by providing them a good shopping experience.

19. Software Engineering Intern

Salary: $61,152

The technical jobs in Apple start with the position of engineering intern. Even though the new comers in Apple are not treated as good as Google, most of these interns get to work on products that are literally changing the world

18. Account Executive

Salary: $75,324

Apple’s hardware components are manufactured by various companies and the people responsible for carrying out the business to business relationships with these manufacturers are none other than account executives. They also manage the relationships with advertisers.

17. Financial Analyst

Salary: $81,253

Apple which always keeps its target under focus and achieves it has a good team of analysts who make sure the company’s business is running smoothly and the finance is on the line.

16. Software Quality Assurance Engineer

Salary: $87,651

Whether its software or hardware, quality is one thing that makes Apple products unparallel. The company had to make sure that the software which it ships should be well polished without bugs and should appeal the consumers at first use. That is what a QA engineer does.

5. Business Analyst

Salary: $87,768

Business analysts are the highest paid ones outside Apple’s Engineer community. These people make sure all the things inside the company is running smooth by making it well organized and well designed.

14. Systems Engineer

Salary: $94,119

Apple mainly manufactures its components in hundreds of supply chain factories and in order to get the products shipped on time, the logistics should be managed well. Here comes the duty of systems engineer who make sure that this chain is not broken.

13. Project Manager

Salary: $94,652

Well, you know what a project manager does. He makes sure all the parts in a particular project come together and are merged on time to deliver the project.

12. Mechanical Engineer

Salary: $99,900

A mechanical engineer at Apple deals with the traditional problems with devices like dealing with heat and moving parts. He makes sure the products won’t fall apart due to any of these simple problems.

11. Senior Systems Engineer

Salary: $101,794

The six digit salaries in Apple start here. A Senior Systems Engineer is actually the lowest paid senior role in Apple. Still they get paid twice as much as a retail employee.

10. Software Engineer

Salary: $103,883

Well, every software engineer loves to work at Apple. The basic thing is the standard 6 digit salary they get adding to the opportunity to work with a company, which is essentially changing the world.

9. Firmware Engineer

Salary: $103,985

Firmware engineers have expertise in both hardware and software. They make sure that the software developed by Apple work seamlessly with Apple’s hardware.

8. Test Engineer

Salary: $104,926

The test engineers in Apple make sure that the iPads and Macs you buy from Apple store are defect free. These engineers create testing process in order to make sure that every product that leaves the company meets Apple’s standards.

7. Hardware Engineer

Salary: $105,316

Well, you might be wondering why the hardware engineers are getting paid slightly higher than the software guys. The reason is, at the core, Apple is a hardware company. So it has to make sure the hardware is better than all other stuff.

6. Database Administrator

Salary: $105,382

Apple want its serve its customers around the clock. So its web connected services and support to apps through app store should be always available. Database Administrators makes sure that apple’s database never go offline and it will run smoothly.

5. Product Design Engineer

Salary: $116,019

The first thing that comes to our mind about Apple is the flawless design of its products. No wonder why Apple pays its product designers more than what it pays

4. Product Manager

 Salary: $118,556

Product manager holds the overall responsibility of a product being shipped meeting all the Apple’s standards. They will be in touch with almost every department like design, marketing, software and hardware.

3. Senior Hardware Engineer

 Salary: $124,893

Here starts the list of people making big bucks at Apple. When an engineer spends enough time at the company, he will be promoted to the position of a senior hardware engineer.

2. Senior Software Engineer

 Salary: $126,325

A senior software engineer is responsible for making some of Apple’s most sensitive products like the iPhone operating system or maps, which is the core. No wonder why they get paid slightly above the senior hardware engineers.

1. Art director

Salary: $133,664

This might be the one position that Steve Jobs loved. Remember his statement: “Apple is a company that sits at the cross-roads of design and technology.” The core of the company is creativity and obviously, creativity is in visual appearance and how the products communicate with the consumers visually. No wonder, why this is the most valuable job in Apple.


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