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Katie Holmes wants ‘normal’ wardrobe for Suri

Katie Holmes is getting rid of her daughter Suri’s designer wardrobe as she wants the 6-year-old girl to start dressing more appropriately for her age.

Besides that, Katie definitely don’t believe in unnecessarily pampering her little girl. Suri was photographed recently making a face when her mom refused to buy her an adorable puppy she wanted from Citi Pups – a Manhattan pet store.


Suri was almost in tears when Katie didn’t approve the black and white tiny pup.


Suri hides her face while storming out of the store clutching her stuffed toy.


Suri is famed for her taste in expensive garments, which is estimated to be worth 3 million dollars. But now the actress wants her to start dressing in a more conservative way, following her split from estranged husband Tom Cruise.


Holmes, who was given primary custody of Suri in the duo’s divorce agreement, is keen for the youngster to start leading a normal life and so will no longer be accepting free clothes from designers.



Sources revealed that it was Tom Cruise, who allowed Suri to wear expensive clothes because he let her do whatever she wanted.


Meanwhile Tom Cruise has been reunited with his daughter Suri for the first time since his divorce from Katie Holmes.


The ‘Mission Impossible’ star was pictured with the 6-year-old girl in New York – the first time they had been seen together since June 16, the Telegraph reported.


She cuddled him with one arm and held a white cuddly toy in the other. Cruise had reportedly been speaking to Suri on the telephone and via Skype every day since Holmes announced the divorce on June 29.


He flew in to New York overnight from Iceland, where he is filming his latest action film.


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