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Steve Jobs was a harsh CEO, a charisma, a collaborator and above all, a prolific innovator. We know his innovations including Apple ll, Mac and iPhone carved life to Apple, and this man has more than 350 patents attached to his title.

But interestingly, all the patents of Jobs’ were not related to Apple’s devices. There were some surprising patents that illustrate the thought-process which happens at one of world’s most admired companies.

Here is a list of some of them, compiled by Wired.

#6 Glass Staircase

No wonder why Apple’s flagship stores around the globe looks breathtaking. A trip to major Apple locations will in fact allow you to walk on one of Steve’s most iconic ideas- the glass staircases.  Jobs has patents under his title for the staircase designs in these stores. The stairs are constructed using three layer of glass with DuPont interlayer. The steps were held with Titanium connectors and the glass was itched with laser for traction.

#5 Entire Glass Building

It seems Steve Jobs has a passion for glass constructions. This patent for a complete glass Apple store, which comes as a part of the main store, had glass walls and glass roof, much more than the glass cube at Apple’s store in 5th avenue, New York.

Steve has also won a patent for its Shanghai store, which actually is characterized by a 40-foot-high glass cylinder which enwraps a ditch like staircase that leads to amazing 5000 square foot store.

#4 Packaging

If you can’t believe Steve Jobs had a patent for each and every micro, just have a look at this. The Apple products traditionally come in a particular way of packaging and the unboxing has not changed over the years. Just open the box and you find the iPhone. Beneath the plastic layer are the accessories including cables and guides. The device itself acts as a lid to another layer.

The patent may seem funny, but considering Steve Jobs, a perfectionist with a passion for micromanaging, it is not a big amaze.

#3 Odd iPods

Apple’s MP3 player was technically launched late into a market filled with some major players including Sony. However, the iPod, with its flawless design, had indeed won the hearts of millions.

The trademark of iPods- Click wheel has not changed its design, except in the second generation, when it turned touch sensitive from mechanical. But some of the Jobs’ patents show the ideas he had beyond the click wheel.

Even though Apple never changed the click wheel, here are those odd designs.

iPods with Track pad and Cross

Steve Jobs had actually patented an iPod design which has a laptop like track pad instead of the clickwheel. However the design never made it to shops. Jobs also had patented a cross design as a means to navigate the menus, because that was the design used by most of the counterfeit iPods.

There was also an iPod design patented with a slide controller. Even though nobody knows how it is going to communicate with the iPod UI, Wired suggests that Jobs just patented it to mess with other companies who wanted to build anything similar.

User Interface

Everybody knows that Apple’s hardware is the most appreciated part but the user interface of its devices has astonished people as good as its hardware. And the man behind some of these UIs is also Steve Jobs. Even though Apple got the first GUI interface on Mac from famously compensating Xerox with pre-IPO purchase of Apple stocks, the company later decided not to depend on others.

#2 The Famous Dock

Dock was the all time feature of apple’s OS X. It was actually created and patented by Steve Jobs as early in 1991, when he was running Next.

When Apple purchased the company, the Dock also came with it and found a place inMacs. Even though it changed its position from side (in patent) to the bottom (in Mac), the functions still remain the same.

#1 Onscreen Keyboard

Before releasing the iPhone, Apple had the idea of an onscreen keyboard, which is controlled by a clickwheel. Just like the old dial phones, spin the wheel to select number or letter and click on the centre to select! Fortunately, the touchscreen prevailed and thereby we got a beautiful iPhone with most of its screen covered in glass, rather than a bizarre wheel.





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