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Apple iPhone 5 is finally here, the pre-orders have begun and over next few days and weeks millions of smartphone buyers will be clamoring to buy the device. Notwithstanding the rumors that preceded the launch, many of the expectations have been met.

Though the latest edition of Apple’s best-selling gadget comes with a host of new features, it has been accused to be ‘evolutionary’ rather than ‘revolutionary’ that was expected. Not everything about Apple iPhone 5 is exceptional, and yet, it may well turn out to be exceptionally well-sold iPhone. Here is a list of hits and misses in iPhone 5.


Faster processor

Apple showcased iPhone 5 with the new A6 processor with A-15 chip made by ARM. The new processor allows the device to render graphics and process data twice as fast as the iPhone 4S. This is a major upgrade in terms of hardware and will make the new phone snappier than all previous iPhones and most other rivals.

With 4G LTE support, Apple iPhone 5 will transfer data at a faster rate over compatible networks. With ultrafast wireless transmission, users will be able to browse web pages faster and download apps and data quicker than ever before.

Though phones from rivals like Samsung Galaxy S III have supported 4G LTE before the iPhone 5, Apple’s decision to port LTE to iPhone 5 rather than iPhone 4S seems to have a better rationale as LTE has begun to spread only recently. In US alone, Apple has announced iPhone 5 can be used with LTE on three US operators.

Deeper Facebook integration

Apple iPhone 5 comes with deeper Facebook integration for a better social experience. Now users can ‘like’ books, apps, music etc that they buy or recommend on iTunes, which will then be posted on their Facebook profiles if they so want.

Siri will get a taste of Facebook too, as the virtual assistant in iPhone 5 can now post a status on Facebook upon your command. iPhone also boasts of Facebook integration in contacts and calendar apps, with the option to post directly from Notification Center.

Alumimium and glass body

iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S were delicate devices as they featured their front and rear are made of glass. Now this makes the body susceptible to easy breakage though Apple calls the material ultra-durable. However, the iPhone 5’s body is made of anodised aluminium and ceramic/pigmented glass, which made the device relatively more durable than its predecessor.

Improved battery

Apple, which received a bit of flak on the battery front in the past, seems to have reworked the battery of iPhone 5 with 225 hours of standby time. This includes 8 hours of 3G and 4G LTE browsing, 8 hours of 3G talk-time, 10 hours of Wi-Fi browsing, 10 hours of video playback and 40 hours of music play.

While there is no official word on the battery upgrade, its performance in the iPhone 5 may show improved result

iOS 6

iOS 6 has 200 features more than the previous edition of Apple’s mobile operating system. The iPhone 5 has the new Maps app with Apple-designed cartography, turn-by-turn navigation and Flyover view.

Users can now shares pictures via iCloud’s Shared Photo Streams using the iPhone 5. iOS 6 also brings more control over calls and messages and Passbook, new Siri features, and Facebook and Siri-enabled apps like Photos, Safari and Maps

Screen size

The biggest change in iPhone 5 was the increased screen size, as Apple shed the 3.5-inch mould and launched a bigger phone for the first time. This move earns a nod of approval from those who prefer a large screen on their phone and adds more space in the app drawer without affecting the number of pixels per density on the Retina display. Moreover, the increase in screen size looks aesthetically pleasing without venturing into the realm of unwieldy phones that have 4.5-inch to 5.5-inch screens.
However, some feel that the screen could have been even bigger, as the iPhone 5’s display provides space for just one more tweet or an extra row in the app drawer. The difference is yet to be seen and will probably reflect in the apps and web browsing.

Siri upgraded

Siri’s capabilities have grown with the iOS 6 update and it can now tell sports scores and give restaurant ratings and price list via Yelp. Apple’s tie-up with OpenTable allows Siri to make reservations. It will also tell users movie reviews and ratings posted on Rotten Tomatoes, along with showtimes. Additionally, the virtual assistant will be able to answer queries better, along with making calls, sending messages etc
New dock connector
iPhone 5 comes with the new 9-pin Lightning dock connector that is 80% smaller than the 30-pin dock connector used in older iDevices. Lightning dock connector can be used reversibly, which means users can connect it to iPhone 5 from either side. The fewer number of pins also lowers the chances of physical damages and gave Apple space to make iPhone 5 sleeker and thinner.

However, this new connector affects those who have accessories such as speakers that use the 30-pin dock connector, or own a number of other Apple mobile devices. But reducing the size of the dock connector was probably necessary to make the iPhone sleeker. Nevertheless, they can buy the Lightning to 30-pin Adapter at $30 to continue using their old



The lack of Near Fields Communication or NFC is seen as a major miss since most rivals have this technology in their smartphones. Not only is it a medium of making payments and transferring data, Nokia showed that it can even transfer music to compatible speakers with just a touch.

So the possibilities are there, but for now iPhone will be devoid of such innovations.

Unchanged design

Apple iPhones now needs a complete design revamp since the last major change in body styling was two years ago when iPhone 4 was unveiled. The new phone is longer and slimmer than its predecessor, but still lacks an overhauled design that will make everyone sit up and look. Alas, that was not to be!


iPhone 5 features the same camera as iPhone 4S. However, it is smaller in size which simply saves space in the device. Granted that the phone’s camera will have several new features, but many have been available in iPhone 4S also. Besides, Sony Xperia S, launched many months ago, and the even older Nokia N8 sport 12MP snappers. So this is a definite miss.




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