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The mobile arena will witness a biggest comeback story, if RIM succeeds with the launch of its new OS and phones under Black Berry 10. Once a dominant Smartphone maker in the world, BlackBerry’s are now down to 1.1 percent market share. But RIM will have the golden opportunity to shape its own market with tomorrow’s launch of BlackBerry 10.

Have a look at the six things, RIM needs to succeed, compiled by PCMAG

# 1 Why BlackBerry?

BlackBerry 10, abruptly can’t be stated as good. It should explain why people should buy it rather than the dominant Android and Apple OS. If the OS is entirely different, it put offs people from buying, because mostly buyers choose it to get it a similar experience from bigger players.

# 2 The Top 100 iOS Apps

RIM has been doing its best to nurture small developers along with its BlackBerry Jam events, but buyers aren’t much interested in buying small, exclusive apps. BlackBerry OS needs to have the top iOS apps that are most talked about. While Windows Phone has found, people don’t prefer ‘Where’s My Hydrogen Dioxide”, even if the game is similar to ‘Where’s My Water”. Users prefer the brand-name app their friends have.

# 3 Immediate availability

RIM will be in the limelight for the next few days. The company waited quite a long to introduce BlackBerry 10 and expectedly it waited until the right deals are in place. It needs to capitalize with those phones in the stores instantaneously on as many carriers as possible. The company doesn’t want to be HP/Palm or Motorola, because both a lost the goodwill in the market with its long delay between device announcements and availability.

# 4 QWERTY keyboard

The existing BlackBerry owners are perplexed knowing that the Z10 is supposed to have no hardware keyboard rather it will be touch screen. Even though hardware keyboard lovers are a niche market, they are over-represented among the kinds of messaging focused multitaskers that RIM targets on. On the other hand, X 10 features BlackBerry’s trademark, QWERTY keyboard which could win back both the business consumers and customers.

# 5 OnGoing Carrier Promotion and Growth

RIM needs all four major U.S carriers and it intends all of those carriers not to lose focus after 90 days. The company needs the carriers to still promote BlackBerry 10 even when the iPhone 6 comes out. Apart from U.S, the company also focuses on promoting carriers majorly all over the globe and thus the launch events will take place in London, New York, Toronto, Paris, Johannesburg and Dubai.

# 6 CEO Friendliness

Gift free BlackBerry X10’s to the CEO’s of the Fortune 1000, with VIP tech support. BlackBerry has been losing ground in the enterprise to phones seen as sexier, more fun and easier to use. The company wants to reclaim business just not by selling BlackBerry’s on their manageability, but makes it evident that this phone makes it easier to get things done. The BlackBerry Bold hit its height in 2009 since it made the iPhone look like a toy.


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