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Yahoo announced it is getting rid of coupon service Deals and the “Yahooligans”internet guide for children while it cleans house.

“Today, we are shutting down a few more products,” Yahoo platforms executive vice president Jay Rossiter said in a blog post.

“By making tough decisions like these, we can focus our energy on building beautiful productsfor you like the two we introduced this week — Yahoo Mail for iPad and Android tablets and Yahoo Weather for iPhone.”

Yahoo Deals will be shut down at the end of the month, along with SMS Alerts and a Yahoo Kids Web guide, originally namedYahooligans.

Yahoo Mail and Messenger apps for feature phones will also be continued on the last day of April in another sign that internet-linked smartphones are taking over the market.

Old versions of Yahoo’s free email service will stop being available the week of June 3, according to the Sunnyvale, California-based firm.

Yahoo in February was given a makeover tailored by style-savvy and engineering-smart chief Marissa Mayer.

Web pages long cluttered with low-brow ads were redesigned to highlight news of interest to visitors, along with feeds of what is getting attention online.

Yahoo has also been focusing on putting its products and services center-stage on smartphones and tablet computers.

Mayer took over in July at Yahoo after 13 years at Google, having been hired as the 20th employee and first woman engineer at the company that went on to be the new king of internet search.

Shortly after taking over at Yahoo, Mayer expressed a vision to “make the world’s daily habitsinspiring and entertaining.”

Mayer joined Yahoo as the fifth chief executive there in as many years as the struggling internet search pioneer tried to reinvent itself as a “premier digital media” company after withering in Google’s shadow.

She has echoed the mantra of predecessors who maintained that the company could find prosperity by mining information about users to insightfully tailor online content and target money-making advertising.


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