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 Narendra Modi is the most mentioned politician on social media channels,says a study.The Gujarat chief minister is followed by Rahul Gandhi,Manmohan Singh,Sonia Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal,respectively.
Among the 20 political leaders who figured in the study,BJP leader Arun Jaitley finished last.
Mention means the politician being named or her/his Twitter handle being cited in posts across Twitter,Facebook,YouTube and other social media.The study was conducted by consultancy firm Blogworks from January to April 2013.It found that Modi had thrice as many mentions as Rahul Gandhi.The BJP leader was cited over 10 lakh times.However,in percentage terms,Rahul Gandhis share of demographics between 18 and 34 years was marginally ahead of Modi.While Modi led the pack in overall reach,he had the lowest reach per author,according to the report.DMK leader M Karunanidhi scored the highest on that front.
The graphs in the report indicate that a significant amount of web traffic covered came from Twitter,with only marginal inclusions from Facebook,Youtube,blogs and forums.

Narendra Modi 


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