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The center of attraction at Apple’s WWDC was iOS 7. Revealed on very first day at the conference in San Francisco’s Moscone West, the new iPhone OS squashed away all the apprehensions about Apple’s ability to innovate. There are many features of the OS that fascinated us, like its Control Center that gives you quick access to the controls and apps you always seem to need, just swipe up from any screen, including the Lock screen, and get things done, but than there are other hidden features in iOS 7 that the Cupertino giant didn’t reveal about. Read on to know 15 iOS 7 of them as compiled by Business Insider.

#1 Swipe to return

iPhone has always been a single button gadget, where everything from launching a home screen to return to previous page was achieved. But with iOS 7 things are going to change a bit; Apple is experimenting with an easier way to move back a screen in apps. There have been signs that you’ll be able to use a swiping gesture instead of tapping a “back” button.

#2 Timers countdown on lock screens

When you set a timer on the iPhone running iOS 7, the countdown appears on your lock screen, and it’ll also show how much time you have left on your alarm if you hit the snooze.

#3 Now add apps to your wish list

The App Store now has a wish list, much like online shopping sites. If you don’t want to buy an app right away then send it to your wish list; the app stays there till you make up your mind.

#4 What iCloud keychains can also do?

We already know what iCloud keychains does; it stores and encrypts your passwords and credit card information. But it then goes a bit further and syncs this data across all your devices. You’ll never forget your password again.

#5 Add apps to your passbook just by scanning them

The passbook which stores your virtual coupons and tickets now adds cards to the app by simple scanning of its QR code.

#6 Pinch to zoom

When you shoot a video on iOS 7 device, just pinch in or out on the screen to zoom in or zoom out the video.

#7 Easier Navigations

Apple has added more accessibility features, making it easier to navigate the software, making text easier to read now.

#8 Get a dynamic wallpaper now

With iOS 7 you can get dynamic wallpapers; so you can now set panoramic photo as a background and move the device to see the whole picture.

#9 Icons of apps show some movement

If you are bored by seeing static app icons on your screen, with iOS 7, you can add some subtle move to them. And if the motion is too much, you can turn it off in the settings menu.

#10 Preview contacts on background

You will be able to see the number suggestions in background while dialing a numbers and you can select the suggestions if they match.

#11 Messages can add a meeting to your calendar

Text messages now pull in links to phone numbers and calendar events. If you text someone to “meet you at the theater,” the date will be underlined and linked so you can add it to your calendar.

#12 A new multitasking features

Multitasking has always been a smart way to switch between apps. And we know that iOS 7 learns when you like to use your apps and can update your content before you launch them. And another hidden feature is that, it also allows apps to run in the background. You can control which apps you want to run in the background in the settings menu.

#13 Apparently you can hide the built in apps

There are the strong rumors about the new OS allowing users to hide built-in apps in case you don’t want them to clutter up your home screen.

#14 Create a folder within folder  

iOS 7  offers users to create a folder within a folder so that they can keep their content well segregated.

#15 New gestures

The new OS also added a new gesture control abilities like pinch closed a folder and support for corner-swiping.


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