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Aloysius Vijay elaborates on ways to look beyond the resume while hiring candidates

What do recruiters traditionally look for in a resume 

Which university did the candidate pass out from What was his/her CGPA Where is the candidate working designation and past experience Are there any gaps in his/her experience Do his/her skills match our requirement It is impossible to get a real idea of who someone is merely by reading a list of his or her accomplishments and past job descriptions.So,how do we get a better idea of a candidate and not rely completely on the old-school resume By using dynamic job applications to screen candidates,hiring managers save a lot of valuable time and energy throughout the hiring process.By truly getting a feel for a persons personal brand,you will have a much better idea of who you are getting before calling them in for an interview.Here are a few ways: 

Presence on social media:

A candidates presence on online networking websites can give us a lot of insight.Sometimes,the references provided in these sites are also helpful.The applicant claims to have excellent communication skills on their resume You will know within seconds if thats true by simply reading one blog post.If its clear that a person spends time marketing himself or herself online,its fair to assume he or she would use the same efforts in representing your company.

Assignments and project based interviews:

By giving a potential hire a job-related assignment,you can gauge exactly what kind of work they could do for your company.Instead of relying solely on the interview,having him or her prove it to you is much more effective.The project could be something related to the job or a problem,which the candidate can think over and offer a solution.She/he can be given an opportunity to present the solution;based on which we can arrive at a decision.

Background screening:

Background checks enable recruiters to gauge the candidates skills,knowledge,experience and credentials along with personality traits and leadership qualities.Through verification,companies can dig deep and provide information around education,university names,experience dates,employer profiles and even separation terms.Some of the information received via verification can be cross-verified to get more clarity.Overall,these checks can help the hiring manager to get the complete picture of the candidate before the hiring decision is made.

The author is senior manager – recruitment,human resources Group,Samsung R&D Institute India 


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