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Being one of the most expensive cities in the world, a trip to London is sure to burn a hole in your pocket so big you may just shed a tear. However, in a bid to ensure travellers don’t miss visiting this amazing city, all the backpackers in the world have combined forces to find free attractions and tours even in a place like London. Here are a few things you can do free of cost.

Hyde Park: If you enjoy walking, Hype Park is your best bet. One of the biggest parks in the city, it allows you to enjoy swimming, boating, cycling and skating, as well as sports with tennis courts, horse riding tracks and a children’s playground. Foodies can hang out at the two restaurants in the premises. And if you visit during winter, don’t miss Winter Wonderland, where the park is filled with Christmas tidings, replete with a Christmas market and an elaborate amusement park.

Changing of the guardWhile it is certainly overrated, this ceremony has been a tradition since the 1500s, and a visit to London is considered incomplete without watching it. The ceremony is simple: Two guards outside the Buckingham Palace march down and make a switch with one another. While this takes place every day during summer, winter time sees this take place every other day.

Enjoy choir singing at Westminster Abbey: Another British landmark, visiting Westminster Abbey does come a price. But if you make it for the choir singing that takes place every evening at 5:30 PM, you won’t have to pay anything. So be sure to get there on time!

National GalleryFor art geeks, the National Gallery—which is home to classics by Van Gogh, Renoir, Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo—is a must visit. Located in the heart of London at Trafalgar Square, the National Gallery allows visitors to come in free on weekday mornings or on Wednesday evenings post 6 PM

Watch a TV show recordingIf you’re a TV show addict like me, this one will surely get you excited. Provided you’ve planned your trip well in advance, check out BBC’s website here and apply for a free ticket to be in the audience of a show of your choice. You could opt for a radio or a TV show.


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  1. Cool! I’d certainly want to experience being an audience for BBC. Thanks for sharing, cheers

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