Controversial, master strategist and orator. These are few things that you would know about Narendra Modi, BJP’s PM candidate for the 2014 General polls. But on his 63rd birthday on September 17, 2013, you deserve to know some of his little known secrets too.
From being a tea vendor at a bus terminal in Ahmedabad to an established politician, Modi’s life is an inspiration for many. Perhaps success is all about doing things in the right way at the right time.
Modi’s was a poor family and their house didn’t even have electricity. To support the family, Modi after school worked at his dad’s tea stall.
As a young boy, Modi was temperamental and didn’t quite get along with peers. He is said to have run away from home to Himalayas, where he studied Hindutva.
After two years of his stay in the Himalayas without money, he came back and worked with his brother in a tea stall.
As it appears, Modi is very conscious about his looks and prefers trimmed beard and hair.
Most impressively, he has no vices. He is a teetotaler and a complete vegetarian.
Though his official biography mentions that he is unmarried, but a magazine published a story in 2009 that claimed Jashodaben Chimanlal, a teacher from Rajosana in Gujarat, to be his wife. There has been no comments from Modi on this.
His oratory skills could have taken root in a three-month course he did in the US on public relations and image management.
He adores his mother and makes it a point to take her blessings before every new venture.
Modi takes inspiration from the life and teachings of Swami Vivekananda. That is why his one of the recent election campaigns was named as ‘Vivekanand Yuva Vikas Yatra’.

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